Ribes Pet Emulsion dog and cat

Dermatological Emulsion with liquid crystals

Ribes Pet Emulsion dog and cat:
50ml in bottle


Promotes hydration by reducing the risk of skin irritation.
Soothing and restructuring action on the skin barrier.


Emulsifiers of vegetable origin, black currant oil (essential and polyunsaturated ω-6 and ω-3), 18 β-glycyrrhetic acid, octopirox, vitamin E, menthol.


Ribes Pet Dermatological Emulsion has been formulated using innovative technologies based on liquid crystals which support normal skin hydration.

Ribes Pet Dermatological Emulsion locally optimizes the effectiveness of essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) present in black currant oil, helping to reduce the risk of skin irritation as well as maintaining the normal barrier integrity of the stratum corneum.

The beta-glycyrrhetic acid 18, thanks to its eutrophic action, promotes the normal turnover of skin tissues. Octopyrox (piroctone olamine) reduces the risk of bacterial colonization by helping the normal maintenance of the skin microbiota. Menthol gives an immediate feeling of relief and freshness.


Ribes Pet Dermatological Emulsion is indicated to reduce the risk of skin irritation and to maintain normal physiological conditions of skin well-being; supports the skin’s lipid matrix, promotes the maintenance of normal skin microbial balance and normal skin hydration.


The fluidity of the product allows you to spray Ribes Pet Dermatological Emulsion directly on the skin. The emulsion can also be easily applied with the help of gauze. Use once or more times a day according to the instructions of the veterinarian. Faster and more lasting results can be obtained by associating nutritional supplementation with preparations from the Ribes Pet line to the topical treatment.