Artikrill Crescita dog


Artikrill Crescita dog:
30, 60, 90 tablets of 1.6g


Complementary feed for the weaning and growth of large and giant puppies.
It supports the normal osteo-muscular development of the growing puppy. High in Glucosamine, with Chondroitin sulphate, Nucleotides, Collagen, Branched amino acids, Vitamins C and E, Lysine and Arginine.


Glucosamine (chitosamine) from animal tissues 25%, dicalcium phosphate, chondroitin sulphate 11.25%, marine zooplankton meal (krill) 6.25%, collagen (poultry origin) 4.68%, sodium pyrophosphate, yeast (yeast of beer), mono-di and triglycerides of fatty acids (behenic acid), lupine protein meal, corn starch, salts of organic magnesium acids (stearic acid), sodium chloride, vegetable and Sun -oils). Additives: Nutritional additives: Vitamins: 3a300 vitamin C 31.250 mg/kg, 3a700 vitamin E 15.625 mg/kg Amino acids: 3c361 L-arginine 15.625 mg/kg, 3c322 L-lysine monohydrochloride 15.625 mg/kg. Sensory additives: Botanically defined natural products: green tea (camelia sinensis (L.) O. kuntze) 15.625 mg/kg. Flavoring substances: CAS No. 5550-12-9/disodium guanosine 5′-monophosphate (GMP) 31,250 mg/kg, CAS No. 4691-65-0/disodium inosine-5-Mono-phosphate (IMP) 31,250 mg/kg , 2b17012 L-leucine 15,625 mg/kg, 2b17010 D, L-isoleucine 7,812.5 mg/kg, 2b17028 L-valine 7,812.5 mg/kg. Technological additives: E460 microcrystalline cellulose, E551b colloidal silica.

Nutritional intake per daily ration

  • Glucosamine sulphate 2KCl 400 mg equal to glucosamine 300 mg
  • Chondroitin sulfate 180 mg
  • Nucleotides (IMP-GMP) 100 mg
  • Type II collagen of poultry origin 75 mg
  • Vitamin C 50 mg
  • Green tea extract 25 mg of which polyphenols 12.5 mg,
  • L-arginine 25 mg
  • L-lysine monohydrochloride 25 mg, of which L-lysine 19 mg
  • L-leucine 25 mg
  • Vitamin E 25 mg
  • D, L-isoleucine 12.5 mg
  • L-valine 12.5 mg

Analytical composition:

Crude Protein34%
Crude Fiber3.8%
Crude Fat7.7%
Crude Ash19%


Artikrill Crescita is a complementary feed formulated to support the normal osteo-articular and muscular development of puppies, especially large and giant breeds. The complete and synergistic combination of nutritional principles helps the normal and balanced growth process of the puppy in all the main components: bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Administer the product orally directly into the animal’s mouth or in addition to the complete food, at the rate of:

  • 1⁄2 tablet per day up to 10 kg of live weight;
  • 1 tablet per day of 11 kg up to 25 kg of live weight;
  • 1 tablet and 1⁄2 per day from 26 kg up to 50 kg of live weight;
  • 2 tablets per day over 50 kg of live weight.

Complete the daily ration with the usual food. Always leave fresh water available.